About Us

Grain Industry Advisors & Consultants by Ag WatchAg Watch Market Advisors, LLC. is a limited liability corporation that specializes in providing consulting services to the grain industry. Our clients are located throughout the Corn Belt and include grain producers, milling companies, feedlots, as well as hedge funds. Our approach in analyzing the grain market involves using fundamental analysis, seasonal factors, probability theory, Elliot wave analysis, and cycle analysis. It is our objective to provide a “no spin” grain market outlook, which gives specific price targets and periods in which they are expected to occur. We offer a subscription based weekly grain commentary as well as consulting services for grain producers looking into the grain futures market.


Under the direction of Dewey Strickler, the principal business is providing market
advisory services for grain producers end users. Click here to learn more about our services.


A hybrid approach is used in recommending cash sales: fundamental analysis, seasonal grain trends and patterns, and technical analysis. Our approach in recommending sales involves forecasting specific price targets of market tops and bottoms, as well as the dates they are to occur. The aggressiveness of our recommendations is determined by market fluctuations and indicators within those targets.