Developing A Market Plan

Grain Marketing Plans by Ag WatchDeveloping a Successful Marketing Plan

Farming is big business. Whether you farm 50 or 50,000 acres you are likely overseeing more assets than many CEOs. You have to constantly evaluate and determine the best course of action for your company: your farm. Today, there are more variables affecting your income than ever before: higher input costs, weather, supply and demand, regulations, trade laws, and environmental concerns. It can be difficult to keep up with the grain markets news and make smart decisions.

To add to this turmoil, we are facing greater competition than ever before. South America’s role as a major supplier of soybeans is increasing. China continues to dominate imports and exports. We are a global economy. This means that, although U.S. producers will be on the cutting edge of many opportunities, they will need a definite plan to take advantage of them. In most Fortune 500 companies, the CEO relies on the expertise of employees who specialize in production, trade, business law, regulations, and accounting. As a farmer, you have to manage all of this information to make an effective business strategy and still find time to head to the field and oversee production.

Like any company, without a product, you have nothing to sell. But also like any company, if you do not market it well and sell it at the highest profit possible, you will not be in business long. By aligning with Ag Watch Market Advisors, LLC. you are free to produce your crop without worrying about your marketing decisions.

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