Welcome to Ag Watch!

Good Morning.  Welcome to the blog of Ag Watch Market Advisors.  It is our goal at Ag Watch Market Advisors to provide farmers with information they can use to increase their bottom line. It is not enough to just provide content; that is the purpose of news. It is not enough to just provide analysis; that is the job of commentators. My time in the special forces taught me one thing that I apply every day to this industry: Information is only good if it is good information. At Ag Watch, our goal is to give grain and livestock producers definite forecasts with concrete dates. We will also use our understanding of the global economy to prepare you in advance for impacts that various geo-political actions may have on your farm. In short, it is our goal to give you real information you can use.

In our blog updates, we will be posting firm dates and strategies for market tops and bottoms, insight into other markets, the impact of the global economy on American Agriculture, and occasional white papers on issues that will shape farming in the longer term.  Now, obviously, this format will not allow us to go into great detail, but it will give you the highlights. Detailed reports are available and we hope that, if our information is valuable, you will subscribe to our daily newsletter.  Look for the blogs to start soon.  In the meantime, feel free to visit our website.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to talking to you soon.